Friday Field Notes 061617

Did you know? Red States are actually leading the charge in terms of renewable energy. According to the New York Times, “some of the fastest progress on clean energy is occurring in states led by Republican governors and legislators, and states carried by Donald J. Trump in the presidential election.” (Eco Watch) It seems a good reminder to avoid making broad assumptions. After all, our future depends on all of us working together.

With that, here’s a look at the week in solar news . . .

We’ll experience a total solar eclipse on August 21. It’s pretty big news–and leaves many wondering if we should panic in terms of solar power loss. Here’s California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Picker’s take: “We all can dance with the grid. We can all be active participants rather than passive subjects.” (Weather Underground) In other words, it’s the usual story; we all need to stay informed, and do what we can.

You may have heard that Germany recently set a record, with clean power supplying two-thirds of its power and solar and wind generating more than 50 nuclear reactors. Bloomberg takes a look at why this probably won’t be the last record set.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chitwan National Park in Nepal is home to 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 56 species of herpetofauna (as in reptiles and amphibians), and 126 species of fish. And soon it will be the place for women to receive clean energy training, courtesy of Empowered by Light and Empower Generation (Clean Technica).

The World’s largest oil and gas companies are beginning to see the light: solar and wind aren’t going anywhere. A new report from Wood Mackenzie highlights the threat, as well as the opportunity. Not that this is necessarily news, mind you. Valentina Kretschmar, director of corporate research at Wood Mackenzie and co-author of the report explains: “What’s different is the momentum; there’s momentum behind the technology, and we’ve seen renewable energy costs drop dramatically in the last five years. Also, we didn’t have the same mental pressure ten years ago.” (Green Tech Media)

Bianca Nogrady (The Guardian) takes a look at how battery storage and rooftop solar could mean new life post-grid for consumers.

If you’re into architecture and design, check out the Caring Wood House, a solar-powered English country house (Inhabitat). It’s . . . interesting.

Lastly, How many DeLoreans can you power with 8.7 gigawatts of solar? (NPS North West via LinkedIn)


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