Last day of June; summer time’s in full swing now. In that, there’s nothing quite like wearing your shades, cruising about town, foot loose and fancy-free. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for new wheels, you may (at some point) consider Aston Martin’s hybrid, the Valkyrie (Clean Technica). Now that, my friends, is a head turner.

With that, here’s a look at the week in solar news . . .

According to a new study, millennials are driving solar expansion. Specifically, sixty-four percent told Deloitte they are either “extremely” or “very” interested in installing solar panels–that’s a 611 percent increase over last year (611% increase, I tell you). “Utilities are not only contending with demands to secure power from cleaner sources, but also the growing, significant gap in values, preferences, and motivations between millennials and older age groups,” said Scott Smith vice chairman and U.S. power and utilities leader, Deloitte LLP.

Millennials may be driving solar expansion, but who are the biggest buyers, right now, today? Big companies (Reuters). I’m sure this comes as no surprise . . . go big or go home, and all that.

You know, it only takes one person to make a big difference. Take Chris Edwards’ for instance. He’s formed Power to Our Veterans. His mission: install solar panels on veterans’ buildings (American Legions, for instance); 25 percent of the electricity produced would be used to power the building, the rest would go back to the grid for credits to be used to power the homes of veterans in need of help with utility bills (News Chief).

So, here’s a little something you may not have seen coming: in India, solar is helping boost sales of diesel and gasoline. “Solar is not just about being environment-friendly. It is paying off financially as it helps raise sales as well as bring down the operating cost for petrol pumps,” said AK Sharma, director (finance) at Indian Oil Corp (The Economic Times).

Bill McKibben reports on The Race to Solar-Power Africa (The New Yorker).

Speaking of powering a country with renewable energy . . . for one week (June 17 to 23), the 6 million people living in Northwest China were powered solely by hydro, wind, and solar (Business Insider). Seems a rousing success to me.

Looking for a new mode of transportation for your morning commute? How about the world’s fastest folding electric scooter? “We believe Stigo will revolutionize the way people travel,” Stigo CEO Ardo Reinsalu said in a statement. “Stigo is not only the world’s fasted folding electric scooter, but you can also pull it along like hand luggage wherever you go, including indoors and outdoors, and charge it from a regular outlet.” (Eco Watch)


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