Don’t you just love a good read on a summer’s day? A little fluff, a little fantasy, maybe a little sci-fi . . . speaking of which, Futurism ponders when the first human might leave the solar system. It’s not exactly a day trip, in case you’re curious; but it never hurts to imagine.

With that, here’s a brief look at the week in solar news . . .

Without fail, at one point or another, adversaries of solar will argue it to be unruly, wreaking havoc on the electricity grid. Before they continue beating that drum, they may want to look into a new study by the U.S. Department of Energy. The draft states, “Numerous technical studies for most regions of the nation indicate that significantly higher levels of renewable energy can be integrated without any compromise of system reliability.” (Reuters) Well now, isn’t that interesting.

Colorado became the eleventh U.S. state to commit to the Paris climate agreement. EcoWatch takes a look at how they’re on their way to a clean energy transition.

In South Miami, Florida, new homes (and some renovations) will require solar panels, beginning September 18, 2017. South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard explains the benefits of this move: “Solar reduces the cost of home ownership, it makes houses sell faster, it returns more to a builder, it makes local jobs, and most importantly, it reduces carbon emissions today to help our children and grandchildren have a better future tomorrow.” (Miami Herald) We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Porsche is committed to electric cars.  A sign of that commitment stands before it’s new headquarters building in Berlin. The 80 foot high, 20 foot wide pylon, contains 260 solar panels and is expected to generate 30,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. The Berlin office also boasts an electric vehicle supercharger (Clean Technica).

When it comes to solar power, India is pretty much always in the news. This week: Indian Railways unveiled its first solar powered commuter train (Digital Trends). By solar powered, we mean solar powers the lights, fans, and information displays within the passenger coaches, mind you. The train will still be pulled by a diesel-powered locomotive. But still; that’s pretty awesome, no?

Julian Spector, of Greentech Media, poses the question: Can a Flow Battery Steal the Throne From TEP’s 4.5-cent Solar-Plus-Storage PPA? Recommended reading if you’re into such things; if not, your eyes may glaze over after the first paragraph or two.


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